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Nur 12.000 km – Weltsensation!

History about the model

The Land-Rover Range Rover Classic revolutionized the auto industry in 1970 with the launch of the Range Rover. No one had ever before seen such an outstanding 4×4 vehicle. Style, comfort, speed, outstanding offroad as well as on road ride to the highest level and was so ahead of its time so it stayed in production for 25 years, almost unchanged to its original principles. During its lifespan the Range Rover Classic developed from a luxury Land-Rover for the farmer to a hightech noblige in the SUV market.

Still today the Range Rover Classic is real pleasure to drive and live with

About this specific example
This specific Range Rover is rather unique. We have bought this car from a good friend of us who bought the Range Rover in Germany in 2012 from it’s first owner.
The Range had driven 7.100 kilometers at that time. The car was completely new from the outside, the inside as well as in the engine bay. Luckily the Range Rover has been stored very well and therefore it only needed a very good service.
This service has been carried out by a specialist in the Netherlands and invoices are available.
The Range Rover has driven now 11.810 kilometers and is still in an as new condition.
When driving this specific example it feels as it has just been picked up from the 1st delivery out of the British Leyland Showroom.

The Range Rover comes with an impressive binder full of history including all the service books, a letter from the 1st owner describing that the car has been in 1 single ownership as well as a paper which was mounted on the car when it was transported from the factory to Germany.

Condition exterior

The condition of the exterior of the Range Rover is very unique. The car seems as new throughout. Even the wheels and wheel rims are like new and also the rear door which show always some rust looks as new.
Actually we can write a long story but we prefer to keep it short, this car looks as an almost new example.

Condition interior

The interior of the Range Rover is also as new. One can see this immediately by looking behind the carpets where the toolset is placed. Everything looks new and smells new.

Driving experience

As described above, this Range Rover is driving as it has just been picked up at the British Leyland dealer.
Due to the service, the Range Rover is handling very well.

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